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Julien Briand


The phrase “experience is the best teacher” nicely sums up my career, with customer service as the common thread. Having earned degrees in history, sociology and book arts, I have worked as an archivist, an HR manager, a bookseller and a store manager. I enjoy putting my knowledge and skills at the service of others and always seek to give my all. As a recruiter, I have the chance to really make a positive difference in someone’s life, and you can’t put a price on that. Something of a dreamer by nature, with a passion for music and literature, I’m optimistic about every challenge. It’s always about solutions, not problems! I look forward to meeting you.


Marc-Antoine Côté


Fascinated by art, language and interpersonal relations from a young age, I began my career in the field of retail sales, where I was very successful. After that, I entered the world of damage insurance, starting off at the bottom of the ladder as an assistant, then becoming a broker, an underwriter and, finally, a team manager. While there were still many challenges, the fire inside me did not burn as brightly as before, so I decided to pivot toward a career focused on what I’ve always been most passionate about: human beings.


Mathieu Félix Larouche - Cynegetic

Mathieu Félix Larouche 

Founder / General manager

A native of Montreal, I was raised by artistic parents with music, books, theatre and dance all around me. A variety of often disappointing job experiences made me realize that there was an urgent need for fresh ideas in the world of employment. In 2020, I decided to channel my energy, imagination, independent thinking and integrity into an initiative based on a humanist approach: the launch of Cynegetic, a recruitment agency that doesn’t view employers as suppliers or employees as tools, but instead treats them as people.


I’m an arts patron and volunteer for L’Arche-Montréal, and I believe that work is more than just work: it’s a reflection of who we are.

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